Monday, November 3, 2008

I have realized...

That I am further behind in my Scrapbooks than I thought! Taylor is in 3rd Grade and I didn't even have her Kindergarten book finished let alone 1st and 2nd. I have Bobby's Kindergarten done and I have started 1st grade and he is in 4th!! So my goal is to get them caught up in their School books. On top of that I am a year behind with everything else, like Birthday's Christmas, Halloween etc..I am slowly catching up on that stuff though. I knew opening up the Spa would take up a lot of my time but I didn't realize just how much! It was worth it though I love having a Hair Salon and a Spa!
I also love this new feature with the slide shows!! If you click on one of my slide shows you can view the album up close! Today is Monday and my Salon is closed, so I try to get all of my work done around the house on Sundays so Melissa and I can Scrapbook all day on Monday! I finished 10 pages today! Maybe in a few months I will be all caught up! That would be a great feeling! Well I have to go help the kiddos with Home work!