Saturday, December 20, 2008

Project for kids..

This is the project that I will be doing with my Son's 4th Grade class and my Daughter's 3rd Grade Class. I used the Cricut Bags Tags and more cartridge to make the box. I got the idea from the CTMH Bulletin Boards.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Christmas card

Ok here it is...I LOVE glitter! Stickles are the best thing EVER!! And I just love this elf set!Everyone should have recieved it by now so here it is.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ready for the Holiday!!

Ok so I was stressing, didn't think I would have a whole lot of time BUT yesterday we decorated our house and put the tree up! Today I wrapped presents and even had time to make ornaments AND have time to BLOG ABOUT IT!! Yippee!! I am almost done with my shopping so I am right on the ball this year! With the kids getting older, it is getting a bit easier! Can you believe all of my housework is done too? LOL do you hate me yet? I just can't believe it myself that I am this far ahead...I thought with me having the Salon and the Spa it would be more stressful but my employees are awesome so I am not stressing as much! Ok so enough already right?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Glass ornaments

2 ways to make them, the 2nd one I stamped with staz on an acetate sheet and then colored on the back side of the sheet with colored sharpies then after it completely dried I painted liquid glass on the sharpie side and sprinkled with prisma glitter let dry over night and rolled it up and inserted it in the glass ball and added snow. The 1st one I used reinker mixed with water and then sprinkled some prisma glitter inside! Super easy!

Sprinkle glitter while it is still wet, I took one of those little containers, you know the ones that 35 mm film come in? I mixed half water half ink, I poured some in, not the whole thing. BUT DO NOT SHAKE IT!! you will get bubbles, so I swirled it and I just added a little more until it was enough to cover the ball. Then I took a piece of paper and rolled it to make it into a tunnel, poured some prisma glitter and shook gently.

I did these last year and I used sweat leaf and dutch blue. I am getting ready to do some more because they look awesome on the tree and they are great to give away as gifts too!

I have off work Sunday and Monday so this will be my project!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

funny story

Ok, I really shouldn't be on here right now but I have to blog about this....
For the first time ever Thanksgiving is at my house and I am cleaning and trying to get ready for tomorrow when I had this overwhelming feeling to go make Christmas cards, I kept ignoring this but it got the best of me!! So while cleaning my bathrooms I decided to go make cards LOL I left everything just sit there and went into my scrap area and whipped up 12 really cute cards :) I would post pics of them but you might be getting one so I don't want to spoil it!I will post them after I mail them out and know that you have received yours! I still have more to make but I had such a creative moment I just had to take advantage of it! So now I have to go back to cleaning....

Monday, November 3, 2008

I have realized...

That I am further behind in my Scrapbooks than I thought! Taylor is in 3rd Grade and I didn't even have her Kindergarten book finished let alone 1st and 2nd. I have Bobby's Kindergarten done and I have started 1st grade and he is in 4th!! So my goal is to get them caught up in their School books. On top of that I am a year behind with everything else, like Birthday's Christmas, Halloween etc..I am slowly catching up on that stuff though. I knew opening up the Spa would take up a lot of my time but I didn't realize just how much! It was worth it though I love having a Hair Salon and a Spa!
I also love this new feature with the slide shows!! If you click on one of my slide shows you can view the album up close! Today is Monday and my Salon is closed, so I try to get all of my work done around the house on Sundays so Melissa and I can Scrapbook all day on Monday! I finished 10 pages today! Maybe in a few months I will be all caught up! That would be a great feeling! Well I have to go help the kiddos with Home work!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Checking in

Well, My Husband and I are getting ready to go to Pittsburgh Sunday the 9th to see a Steelers Game!! I can't wait!! We are staying in Station Square for the night...a little getaway! Things have been so busy lately between the Salon and the kids and our new dog Chloe who is the cutest thing ever! I have never had a small dog before, she is a Shitzu Bichon mix. Small dogs are a little harder to train but she is finally getting it!! She was born on my Birthday May 24th so she is about 5 months old now. She is 7 pounds and will probably get to be 10 pounds! I am looking forward to things getting busier at the Salon for the Holiday Season!! It is my favorite time of the year! My kids are getting older and time is flying by! I have been trying my hardest to do as many pages as I can on my day off before it gets to busy. I feel like I will never catch up! School is going GREAT for my kids this year and I love to be a part of it! I try to stop in and help out when I can. My Son Bobby who is 10 started playing the Drums this year and is pretty good at it! My Daughter Taylor who is 8 is taking some time off from Dance, she was in Dance for 5 years and wanted a break, it has been nice, now we get to spend more time together....She LOVES Dogs! If it were up to her we would have at least 10! She already spoke with our Vet and they told her when she is 15 she can work there!! LOL
Well just wanted to update on my life.....still having a hard time deciding where to take my employees for Christmas Dinner! It will be here before you know it!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Friday, June 20, 2008

My Scrap Area

Finally! I have my room back. I have a half finished basement. I have one side for my addiction and my Husband took the other side for his Gym. I have an area for the kids to sit and create stuff with me as well.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No Time

I have not been able to scrap in 2 weeks or more! I thought once School let out I would have more time! I am getting ready to have a yard sale this friday and that is SO much work. My daughter has Summer dance and a Dance Camp. My Son has Karate and is in a Summer enrichment program! That is all on top of me working at the Spa, and having 7 employees! I am going to neglect my housework next week, take a few days off from work and scrap! I will post pics as soon as I get my projects done! I have been looking at all of the CTMH Blogs and I am inspired by such a creative group of girls I can't wait to scraplift from you girls!! Until next time :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

More to come

Hi! Thanks for stopping by, I am trying to get this blog up and running but it is going to take some time :) We are leaving for Virginia Beach July 6th for a week and then going back for another week August 2nd. I can't wait to use all of my new stamp sets that I got today! I love when CTMH has Stampaganza! I will post pics as soon I can. Have a GREAT Summer!