Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ready for the Holiday!!

Ok so I was stressing, didn't think I would have a whole lot of time BUT yesterday we decorated our house and put the tree up! Today I wrapped presents and even had time to make ornaments AND have time to BLOG ABOUT IT!! Yippee!! I am almost done with my shopping so I am right on the ball this year! With the kids getting older, it is getting a bit easier! Can you believe all of my housework is done too? LOL do you hate me yet? I just can't believe it myself that I am this far ahead...I thought with me having the Salon and the Spa it would be more stressful but my employees are awesome so I am not stressing as much! Ok so enough already right?


Anonymous said...

Yep I am mad at you! Your house is clean??? SO not fair!! ANd the ornaments are beautiful!! LOVE Them!!