Friday, November 28, 2008

Glass ornaments

2 ways to make them, the 2nd one I stamped with staz on an acetate sheet and then colored on the back side of the sheet with colored sharpies then after it completely dried I painted liquid glass on the sharpie side and sprinkled with prisma glitter let dry over night and rolled it up and inserted it in the glass ball and added snow. The 1st one I used reinker mixed with water and then sprinkled some prisma glitter inside! Super easy!

Sprinkle glitter while it is still wet, I took one of those little containers, you know the ones that 35 mm film come in? I mixed half water half ink, I poured some in, not the whole thing. BUT DO NOT SHAKE IT!! you will get bubbles, so I swirled it and I just added a little more until it was enough to cover the ball. Then I took a piece of paper and rolled it to make it into a tunnel, poured some prisma glitter and shook gently.

I did these last year and I used sweat leaf and dutch blue. I am getting ready to do some more because they look awesome on the tree and they are great to give away as gifts too!

I have off work Sunday and Monday so this will be my project!


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! Great idea for gifts! Thank you for sharing!