Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Easter Treat Box

I started out with a 8 1/2 inch circle that I used the cricut to cut. Line it up with your grid paper or mat and use a ruler if necessary, make a pencil line on the left and right sides of the circle at "2 3/4 and at 3 3/4" and score . Fold along the 2 3/4" score line , then line up the fold along the top edge of the personal paper trimmer. You are going to score at: 1 1/2 and 2 1/2" on the left and right side of the circle while it is folded. when you are aligning your folded circle, you are lining up the largest part of the circle with these dimensions. Crease along all the score lines.

Using your micro tip scissors, cut out the two smaller pieces of the circle, following the innermost (towards the center of the circle) score lines. Flip the circle over. Stamp all over the back of the circle. Flip the template back over, fold in the side flaps, and tape along the left and right edges of the bottom flap bring up the bottom flap and align and stick onto the side flaps. Take some CS scraps and run them through a crimper. Using a paper trimmer, cut them into very thin strips. Crunch up the strips and gently rub them between your palms. This will become the filler for your treat box.


Anonymous said...

How cute!!! :) thanks for sharing!