Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Winter Blues

I do not like this cold weather! I need warm sunshine! I should have been born down south! Or maybe I should have moved down south long ago! Well it is all to late for that, I have a business and my hisband has a career and the kids go to a great School. So here I am, up late....can't sleep. My husband and I are taking the kids on a Disney Cruise in May and I CANNOT WAIT!!!! I am done with the colds, the flu, the stomache viruses!!! I am not into winter activities like sledding and things like that. I like the Summer activities like water skiing and swimming, walking, riding my bike and cooking out, lounging around the pool! People around here seem to hang out a lot at the bars......The last time I went out to a club was with my friends for Christmas over a month ago....we are not to much into that now that we are older with families, we do try to have a night out with drinking about every 3-4 months which is enough! It takes me that long to recooperate. But we do have a glass of wine and girl talk in between.
I have been taking the kids to the movies, or to get icecream with friends. I am running out of ideas for them to do, so I have been letting them play on the wii or the ps2. I have been catching up on my scrapbooking and catching a movie and lunch with my friends. I am looking forward to my movie night that I am having at my house on Feb 15th. I invited all of my friends to bring a movie and a snack to my house and we are going to have a night for chick flicks! So I am just rambling on about my life.
I will post pictures of my scrap book pages tomorrow if I get time, I have a Silpada home show to do at 4pm!
Off to bed!